Top Eleven Gift Cards

About Top Eleven Gift Cards

Game Cards are a way to receive Tokens, Health Packs or ingame cash, depending on the code. Codes  will be used in promotional campaigns, competitions, when purchasing certain products (for example, like how you can redeem codes from Pepsi products in Turkey at the moment) and as purchasable gifts (you buy a code and send it to your friend as a gift card, for example).
Codes from game cards can be redeemed here. You will then be able to enter the code and click "Redeem" to use it. The official site contains a "Redeem code" tab in the game, which functions the same way as the one on Facebook.

Redeeming a Gift Card

Mobile users can redeem codes as well. By clicking any of the Health Pack, Token or Cashicoins, they will be taken to a purchase screen for those items. That screen will also have a Redeem tab in which they can enter a code.
There is also a limit to redeeming. One user is limited to one code per day.

                                           250 Tokens Top Eleven Gift Card 

>>>Save 19,99 EURO<<<


                                          600M $ Cash Top Eleven Gift Card 

>>>Save 85 Tokens<<<


                                                50*3 Health Packs Gift Card 

>>>Save 138 Tokens<<<


<= Here is one screenshot from official Top Eleven site.This screenshot is about where you can buy tokens section.You will see that 176 tokens will cost you 14,42 Euros or under orange buttons with PayPal and Visa you find one red button where you will need to complete survey to get free tokens,if you don't want to buy.The same thing is with these gift cards,in exchange of one gift card I only ask you to complete one quick survey. To unlock the download, you need to do an offer. I know this is very annoying but the website forces it.For pin offers I found a way to do an offer without paying. What you do is you follow the normal instructions, enter your number and enter the pin they send you. After, you want to send “STOP” to the number who sent you the pin. This will stop the subscription and you won’t pay anything!
Note* From time to time these prices is changing

Screenshots with redeeming gift card:

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